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Beth as a Speaker....


“If one person feels less alone because of what I’ve written or shared when speaking, I’ve found success.”   Beth Bullard


Beth’s knowledge and experience with teaching and public speaking enable her to craft entertaining, informative, and interactive presentations. Her honesty, wit, and genuine vulnerability create a space for intimacy, understanding, and acceptance.


Beth strives to embrace the inevitability of life and finds comfort and healing in sharing her journey through grief & loss and the path she’s taking to reframe her circumstances & reimagine life.


Beth has been a guest author and speaker for book clubs, civic organizations, women’s events, corporate meetings, etc. If you’re interested in speaking with Beth about your function or want further information, please contact her at:


“Beth was the speaker for our Women's Christmas Brunch this past year.

She immediately connected with our gathering of 300 women with her

warmth, open and honest nature and words that held us spellbound. Beth

was a delight, easy to work with,  and took to heart the suggestions we

had in order to know her audience for the morning. She presented her

talk about her own experience while respecting the women before her. Her

vulnerability, humor, and approachable connection truly affected many

women and their own journey. There was a lot of tears and laughter in

the room! I highly recommend Beth to be your next speaker at your event.”


    - Julie Riedel, Women's Ministry, Redeemer Lutheran Church

“A friend invited me to join her for the Women’s Christmas Brunch at Redeemer Lutheran Church this year and I'm so glad she did! I knew it would be a fun event but had no idea just how much it would feed my soul! The keynote speaker, Beth Bullard, shared perspectives on life, love and loss in a way that resonated deeply with each of the over three hundred ladies in attendance. She creatively used table breakouts to facilitate deeper bonding between old friends and new; it was truly a beautiful and uplifting experience! If you have the opportunity to have Ms. Bullard speak at an upcoming event, I highly recommend her. Your group will be encouraged, entertained and challenged and ultimately walk away feeling hopeful and strengthened by her insights.” 


                                             -Renée Evans, Attendee

“In July 2021, we were pleased and honored to have Beth join our Book Club at the MS Achievement Center to talk about Tragically Beautiful.  Since we are located in Northern California (and during the pandemic) Beth joined us through video conference.  Our 'Book Clubbers' thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing the book with Beth.  Nothing was 'off limits' to discuss and Beth's openness towards so many sensitive and real-life topics made everyone comfortable and asking when her next book would be available.  We have her on our calendar for Sandwiched shortly after it is released, and everyone is looking forward to continuing the discussion.”


                     - Brian Hutchinson, MS Achievement Director

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