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Ever wake up and wonder, just how did I get here? And soon after, where do I go now?

In the blink of an eye, Beth was thrust into a life far different from anything she’d planned or expected. Navigating the unforeseen existence required courage, patience, persistence, and ultimately acceptance. All behaviors she found easier said than done.


In Sandwiched, Beth celebrates the messiness of middle age, the good, the bad, and the inevitable. Her essays are thoughtful, enlightening, and entertaining. Her creative and relatable writing style makes one feel as if they’re visiting a longtime friend.



“The stories in Sandwiched inspire imagining how choice can move us from, or launch us toward, experiences that mark a before and/or an after, respectively.”


                                                     -H. Luis Vargas, Ph.D.

"Reading this memoir feels like I'm hanging with a bestie talking about life."

                                           -Natasha Wing, Bestselling Author 

"Beth's writing has a conversational tone making the book relatable, warm, and easy to read."

                              -Dawn Duncan, Author and Editor, Yellowbright Inc.

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