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About Beth

Beth grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Buffalo, New York, Hamburg and spent many of her summers roaming the vineyards and enjoying the animals on her grandparent's farm in Westfield. Her family relocated to North Carolina during her formative years and from then on, she divided her time between competitive cheerleading, swimming and lifeguarding at her neighborhood pool. Following high school, Beth entered East Carolina University and later graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy.

Beth dedicated thirty years to her fatefully chosen healthcare profession and, throughout her career, provided care to a variety of patient populations and developed a specialty in adult neurological disease processes. Her work with individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis is extensive and she continues to be a clinical consultant in that area. As her career evolved, Beth transitioned into leadership and operations roles, directing various allied health departments and serving as the chief executive officer for a physical rehabilitation hospital. She is a seasoned clinician, educator, healthcare leader and executive.

In 2015, her life was forever altered by the unexpected loss of her husband. Beth, now a single mother of two, found herself struggling to balance the demands of daily life while navigating grief, loss and change and in 2018, she chose to step away from healthcare to explore her creative side and rediscover the hope and beauty of living. She has become a published author, an award-winning photographer, a budding interior designer and a fantastic personal shopper for her family and friends. Beth lives on a small acreage in Northern Colorado with her two children and their menagerie of animals. 

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