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Beth's Photography


Unknowingly in picking up the camera, Beth created a nexus with Mother Nature. 

“I find joy in discovering what the act of simply existing has to offer. Honoring each moment no matter how majestic or modest it may appear. My eye is drawn to the subtle nuances found between the lines. They express stories of purpose and time and are a celebration of living.”


Beth's philosophy while using her camera is...


The camera is a tool; you're the creative. Trust your gut and let go; your eye will guide you.


Magic happens in unforeseen places. Look beyond the expected, and you'll uncover a realm of possibilities. Oh, and don't forget to look behind you.


Frame the shot as if editing's not an option.


When in doubt, take the shot; better yet, take several. If you find you don't care for an image, delete it.

Beth's photography is available for download for screensavers or other requests. To view and purchase, please visit the types of images links below. If you would like to hire Beth for a photography project, or you have interest in a print of a photo, please contact her at:   



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