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 The Farm

Buffs rule
Bumper crop
Donkey cart in Fall
Just visiting
The girls
A fierce yawn
End of days

Our family moved to the farm in the spring of 2012, and a few months later, we parked an RV next to the shop, gutted the house to the studs, and rebuilt it. Our perpetual camping adventure thankfully ended by mid-November, and in the spring, we redesigned the backyard, built a Chicken run, and acquired our first flock. The number of chickens has ebbed and flowed over the years, with the highest count, twenty-one. My girls lay eggs in a variety of colors which I sell to friends and neighbors.

Our horses have always been boarded at a friend's stable for ease, but I'm thinking about bringing my quarter horse, Dakota, home sometime soon. He's a handsome flashy bay whose dead broke, more slow than go, and the perfect old lady horse.

The girl garage is home to three Calico cats- Harley, Cali, and Rafter. Sisters who came to us along with their caretaker Dick, via Craig's List. They needed a new home, and I needed mousers. For eight years, the girls have kept our property pest-free, and Dick has become part of the family. In the house, we have Izzy, an eight-pound Yorkie-poo; Lucy, a fifteen-pound Corgi mix. And Finn, a border collie mix who is now a horse thanks to his Great Dane sire. We received the DNA results after adoption.

My View
Kate & Finn
Wrong, but oh so Right
Garden pests
Dakota & Cinch
Veritas & Eldor
Nap time
King of the Hill
Izzy & Lucy
Northern neighbors
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