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January's officially a Do-Over

"Gonna cost you over three hundred for parts and labor," Rod, my trusted mechanic, explained. "Sadly, that's probably the least of the bills coming my way," I replied. I went on to tell him about the waterline break and subsequent leak that seeped over thirteen hundred gallons of precious water into the ground around my dumpster. "The meters spinning five gallons a minute," the technician explained. I'm bleeding money, I thought to myself.

I yelled to my son, "Fill up a few five-gallon buckets with water before they shut off the main. We're going to be operating third world until the line's fixed." "Well, that's a fine welcome to 2022," Rod said. "Should have your truck ready tomorrow." The next day, I came down with COVID. The headache, fever, and chills subsided quickly but what followed was a wicked sinus infection that only antibiotics could abate. Resolutions, hopes, and dreams went out the window but the car insurance and tuition bills were right on time. That my friends is why I decided to declare the first day of the second month of 2022 my New Year's Day. Why not? This year is one of many twos for me, making my decision slightly desperate but perfectly rational. What are all the twos you ask? A good question and one I'm happy to answer as the month and year reveal themselves. I'll be releasing the first of my quarterly newsletters in a few weeks so make sure you've subscribed to my website to hear about all the happenings on the farm and beyond.

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