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“I’m trying not to die before I'm actually dead,” was my answer to the numerous questions running through my mind. Life threw me a curveball. It struck me head-on and I was forced to consider living from a new perspective. Navigating change was a daily struggle laced with delightful epiphanies.  Inspired revelations nudged me forward. I felt compelled to give a voice to those things not often talked about, but frequently lived. To offer myself and others an opportunity to pause and consider life from a different vantage point.   




Beth Bullard is an Author and Essayist. Her book, Tragically Beautiful, is a thought provoking look into the unpredictable nature of life. Beth's writing is clever, relatable and real. Her personality and innate style is present from the first page to the last. She offers the reader opportunities to think and to feel. To appreciate the simple gifts life has to offer if one only takes the time to look. 


Beth lives on a small acreage property in Northern Colorado with her two children and their menagerie of animals.





"Raw, but often times lyrical, with moments of humor and heartbreaking realism, Beth Bullard tells her story of being a woman and mother faced with a sudden and cataclysmic loss, and with touching honesty, she shares the path she found toward healing."

-Kristen Ashley, New York Times Bestselling Author 


"As a University Professor, I'm familiar with issues of grief from an empirical perspective. Often missing from scholarly works, however, is the more personal account of loss that Tragically Beautiful provides. If you're a scholar who, like me, values the grief work and insight of Stephen Jenkinson, you will enjoy Tragically Beautiful. I recommend this book as required reading for graduate courses on Grief, Death and Dying. Tragically Beautiful brings to life, in a relatable way, an issue so many families contend with. Don't take my word for this, read the excellent reviews and order this insightful text!"


"A story of love, loss and renewal. Beth tells her story straight from her heart and onto the pages. A gentle reminder of the preciousness and precariousness of life. "

-Jep Enck, President, Enck Resources


“Prepare to meet a friend whom you will admire and hold dear. Beth’s raw, rich prose invites you to walk beside her as she experiences the unimaginable. You will draw strength from her honest journey through shock and grief as well as her subsequent deliberate reframing of her circumstances. Beth teaches us that in order to be fully alive reimagining oneself in the world is not only possible, it is inevitable."

-Renée Evans, MedTech Executive and Student of Life



“Beth takes us on an odyssey of a deeply human experience and intimately brings us through her journey with tears, laughter, pain and hope. Her authenticity and candor abound. She often elicits laughter and tears on the same page. This powerful book offers a perspective of hope when one is faced with sorrow and loss.”

-David McMillen

Financial Professional and Amateur Philosopher

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